Hello I’m Trevyn (I’ll be going by Treviisolion). I’m the other new programmer that joined today. I’m a Computer Scientist Major that has always had an interest in grand simulations such as what Thrive seems to be planning to be. This is my first major collaboration, so please bear with me if I’m slow at times. I do my best to only impose on others when necessary, so any guidance given will be appreciated. :smile: Hopefully I can help by using the tools provided by hhyyrylanien and the new engine to turn many of the ideas tossed around into playable concepts.


This is my first actual group software project (outside of classes) as well. Good luck and glad to have you!


Thrive was the first project I did a pull request for on github. Which is kind of funny now as now I have full access to the thrive repository and I could accept the pull request (if it wasn’t accepted back then).


Welcome Treviisolion! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions on anything.


Thrive was my first public project I used to make games using unity3d as a hoppy (I hope spelled it right ) I never knew any thing about snow or github or compiling things but I learned all of this in just 7 months since I joined thrive Dev team.