New graphics help

Hello, I’m new but my experience is from almost a decade worth of work with Photoshop, Maya, and animation. Since finding the discord I have been doing concept work and helping fuel the development ideas in the group both for fun and because I really want to see this game as more than an idea. This can be something that will make everyone wonder how we pulled this off and inspire others to pursue new ideas. My current aim is to work out concept art for disasters that could effect the world you find yourself on along a long and short span of time. Even though I have a strong pull to do artwork I am working towards a BA in writing primarily around fiction and editing skills.

If you need someone to help with 3d work, concepts, animation, storyboard, random events, landscape, I offer my full range of skills and knowledge. I have a story anthology set along 900-1000 years that I am also working on but everything is past the planning stage with it, that is why I have been able to so freely put things towards this amazing project. Also even if I am excited to be a part of this at last I am also a bit nervous. Those initial nerves will fade away with time so don’t worry about that. Let’s have fun and get this vision to something that will make high level game companies panic that they let this game type die with spore.


I haven’t thought of this before, but we could actually have flavour text for things like technologies and buildings / objects.

Hopefully there are also more immediate things you can help out with. I hope others will also respond or you can ask on slack…

Hey Sporefox, welcome to the team!

It’s tough to say what amount of art assets are needed for the game right now because we are undergoing an engine switch and in need of a good graphics programmer so in-game graphics is not being actively developed right now. However talk to @Narotiza and @Atrox and see if they know of any tasks you could work on. One thing I know that always helps is either to make promotional art for us to use for marketing or menu backgrounds or loading screens, or concept art to get a good sense of how features in the game could look like.

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I have a few ideas for this, and since it’s an evolution game I can go further back than just “The Wheel”. Wouldn’t it be interresting to start with basic tools like “Stick”? During the Aware stage I can envision after a certain amount of brain development the beginning of tool use but like all things new someone had to figure it out first. For the later stages after the player hits Society and Industrial periods (couldn’t Society be sub stages? Industrial after society sounds odd to me but I don’t want to give the team a harder time) there could be random early techs and never ones further along, something seen in a few games, one being Stellaris and how it dealt with time. Instead we could use generations or time as well, or another points system like our mutagen points.