New Member, here and happy to help

Hello, all. My name is Mack aka rastro.
I am a biomedical student, and I have a variety of study subjects, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, bio-mechanics, and have some experience in applied mathematics involving multi-variable functions and population statistics. I also study astronomical bodies and astrophysics as a hobby.

I have a particular interest in helping Thrive be both in-depth with complex items like realistic population growth and decline, variable and non-static planetary bodies, but still simple so that we won’t need a supercomputer to play the game.

That said, my programming skills are admittedly limited, but I do know a few programmers that might be interested to contribute.

I am eager to working with you so that we can enjoy the truly amazing game that will be THRIVE.

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Welcome to the team @rastro! :smiley:

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