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Hi everyone !
I’m Alexis aka Alkoou. I am a medecine student and I love computer science ( I’m an experimented c++ and python programmer ). But I think that I could be much helpful in theory team as I studied biology, cells development …
I really enjoyed the concept of this game so I wanted to contribute as best as I can.
Anyway I don’t really know in which area you need me, so any advice on where or how I can help would be very much appreciated :wink:


Welcome to the team Alkoou! :smiley:
The most noticeable system of the theory team is the CPA system (which stands for compounds, processes ans auto-evo), which is the thing that will make the celks evolve according to the enviroment.
Other topics include the process system (which i finished recently but probably needs a lot of tweaking), the ai, the planet generation and the thermosynthesis mechanics.

Thanks :wink:
I just had a question about the game :
It is based on the theory that life has been brought to earth by some sort of meteoroid but currently the most popular theory is the primordial soup. Do you think panspermia is the most credible theory and do you want to keep it in the game ?
If not, I have some ideas of gameplay for abiogenesis and protocells …

I don’t think we set any theory about the creation of life in the game (the default microbe is an eukaryote, which would place it way after those events)

Plus based on this quote on the game’s FAQ i don’t think panspermia is a very popular hypothesis around here xD
"Please note that ideas with little gameplay value or no scientific basis are extremely likely to be immediately refuted, so think twice before suggesting space-faring microbes."

Right now the first stage is the cell stage, which starts off roughly when the first actual cells have evolved. I think there’s been some talk about a potential 0th stage about the very beginning of life, but I don’t think we are planning on adding that.

But you are free to design the pre-cell stage. No one’s probably going to implement it, though…

Edit: and crodnu was faster at typing than I was

Ok, understood
But just to be clear, panspermia is the theory that is currently used in the game (sorry if I misspoke)
However, I really think there’s a good gameplay to make out of the abiogenesis… you said that I can design the protocell stage, do you think a small python program would be good to illustrate my idea ?

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As @crodnu said, the game doesn’t assume anything about the origin of life. It starts off way later.

What, initially, would be the best is a plan on how to actually make a game out of that. I think part of the reason why we start off with cells is that there would be very little gameplay or variation in the earlier phases of life. So I think the cell stage hits a sweet spot where evolution is starting to shape the cells into distinct species.

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Hi, welcome to the team :slight_smile:
I personally don’t think panspermia is very interesting because life has to evolve somewhere, even if, after that, it is spread around by meteorites.

If you’d like to make a prototype of a 0th stage for the beginning of life then that’s cool, it would be interesting to see. The general philosophy is people are free to work on what they are interested in.

In order for it to be in the game it needs to be scientifically realistic (which is a bit of a challenge for abiogenesis as there is not yet a widely accepted theory on how it works, however something plausible might be enough) and it needs to be fun for the player to interact with (what do they control and what is fun about playing around with it?). So long as it satisfies both of those then it’ll make sense with the other stages!