New Theorist (TWA)

Hello all,

I’m The_Wayward_Admiral (of The_Wayward_Admiral fame).

Mostly I’m just here to help with the math as I have several years of collegiate calculus and roughly a year of collegiate computer science behind me.

I look forward to contributing to development. Let me know if there’s ever any area I can assist in.


OH COOL! Hey welcome to the developer forums! :smiley:

I would recommend browsing our road map first.
If you do find something you wanna work on check to see if anyone else is already making progress on it and get with them to see how you can help.

Also a lot more discussion is on slack. However because of timezones it can be hard to get feedback when you want it. I have it on my computer and the app on my phone so I can check it on breaks at work.

Again welcome, if you have questions please ask.

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Who are you?

I am no one. *Jaq’n H’gal smirk