Programmer and hobby artist. Excited to help out!

Hey Everyone,

Just joined the ranks of the game development team. I look forward to contributing to coding, which is the primary rough spot right now. Although I have experience with coding, I have not worked with Lua or C++ very much and have never joined a team project as large as Thrive, so I hope this will be both a productive and learning experience. Hopefully I can contribute meaningful work that could kick this project to full speed.

On the side, I love to use Blender for modelling and have Photoshop experience, mostly on the photo processing side. I may contribute in the graphics department but it seems like there are plenty of more talented artists out there!

Finally, I am excited to meet you, the members of the dev community. Would love to get my environment set up to get started.

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Welcome! :smiley:

Welcome to the fun!

Welcome!!! :smiley:

Welcome. Be sure to join the #programming channel on slack to see what’s going on with the programming side of things.