Programmer Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Clark and I’m joining as a programmer.

I have some experience in C and C++ and will be learning more about it as I go through school for Computer Science.
My upcoming student project this year will also be Lua binded so I should have some experience in that soon, either way.

Previously I have worked on 3 games as a programmer. Unfortunately you’ll likely only be able to find a trailer for the latest one, Bewilder Bot, which was a Freshman game where I was the lead programmer.
My other 2 games aren’t really online anywhere, unfortunately.

The only issues may be that my latest 2 games were programmed in Zilch, not in C++, although I have programmed a variety of other things in C++. I’m also not too sure how much time I will have to donate to development as my classes will come first once school starts up again.

Anyway, once I get decently oriented I’ll be quite excited to work on Thrive with everyone!

Hey, Clark! Great to have you on the team! You seem very qualified and I look forward to working with you.

I suggest you start by getting yourself familiar with the source code. If you have any trouble building Thrive just ask me, @Moopli, or @crovea.