hey i was thinking in a system of quests like that you choose a course producer or predator and then first mission unlock oxytoxy and put it sec missions get bigger third missions add 2 flagella fourth mission kill 5 mic fifth kill 10 every mission you finish you will get a reward (the reward my be compounds).

what is your opinions about that?

I don’t think quests really fit the theme. Achievements are a better idea that would give some sort of a goal for players (before the game can actually be finished).

But quests for tutorial purposes or (if the player wants) to guide them forwards, could be a nice addition. Those could be like “increase the size of your cell to x” and then “gather the blob things to unlock bonding agents” etc.


so with [quote=“hhyyrylainen, post:2, topic:376”]
(if the player wants)
you mean that it will be togglable so mean that it needs a setup menu in the start of a new game but we will not just make this setup menu for toggling quests on and off only!!!

Yes, there’s quite a few planned options that will be available when starting a new game like: LAWK, the kind of planet you want to start on and difficulty adjustment. So the option to have the tutorial on would also be there.

yes but it would be for the future the game in its state does not need this menu yet and i was planning in adding this feature for the next release so what is your ideas?

I guess it is fine to have it enabled by default, until the options selection is done.

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so i need some ideas of the guiding quests @hhyyrylainen

As there is currently very little progression I don’t think the guiding will work that well, but for example your earlier idea: “you are a predator and predators need weapons Unlock Toxin vacuole and put it to your cell” sounds pretty good if it’s possible to know if the player is playing a predator.

But what could work well is some indicator what you should focus on in order to divide. Like are you missing ammonia or some other compound.

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this is a very good idea it will take some time to implement but i will work on it :smiley:

so my idea will be a simple gui get viewed by clicking in a button or press Tab key in this gui will be the current available quests you are free to choose one or not choose one at all and as you said this quests will be guiding like the ex i told you before helping you to progress so is setting a reward fitting with the game theme?

Adding arbitrary quests feels like it defeats the purpose of having an organic evolution system that (looks like it) gives rise to emergent complexity. I’m personally against anything except the variant @hhyyrylainen suggests, where “quests” are really just extra tutorials or directions towards progression into later stages, or achievement-style quests which have no effect on gameplay.

this how i am planning to add it it it will be like that:
“you are running low in ammonia collect 20 ammonia”
“you are running low in oxygen collect 20 oxygen”
“you are running low in glucose collect 20 glucose”
“you do not have any chloroplast Unlock it and put it to your cell”
"you do not have any Toxin vacuoles Unlock it and add it to your cell"
and for progressing in the futre it might be like that:
“you need to collect “whatever the binding agent Vacuole name will be” to stick with other cells from your kind force in numbers”

note: there will not be any rewards and the Quests will be toggle able when you start the game and even if it is enabled you are not forced to choose one from the available quests i am planing in making it a button when you click it will open a gui menu containing the available Quests and you are free to choose one.

that is my idea and if nobody accept it i will search for something else to work on (and it seem that i can not find something to work on in the game so any suggestions?).

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So it’s more of a guidance system rather than actual quests? I wouldn’t mind having that, seeing as a lot of our players struggle to know what exactly they’re supposed to do.

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yes and there will be description for every quest and the quests will be enabled by the condition the player in like you will not get ammonia quest unless you are running short in ammonia.

It would be probably less confusing if we renamed this quests thing to hints.


it is a GOOD idea :smiley:
and maybe renaming it to “Things To Do”