Alert, New Programmer Incoming

Hello everyone! I’m GatoCreador887 (sometimes also GatoGamer887).

I recently become interested in Thrive and thought I could help.
I mainly use Java and Ruby, though I also have some experience in JavaScript and a little in HTML. I dislike graphics programming, and like logic programming and developing systems. I made a Java 2D game engine some time ago. The only published game of mine doesn’t use it though.

I’m looking forwards to tackling lots of issues (I have already made a list) and discussing new (and less new?) features here.


Welcome. I look forward to seeing more pull requests from you.
I also invited you to the github organization (now that you have one accepted pull request and are a team member), so from now on you can create your feature branches directly in the Thrive repo.

I dislike it as well. I’m hoping that we’ll find one someday.

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