Damaging Agents


I’m for it. Having an agent tree would set a precedent for the tech tree in the awakening stage, making the game a much more cohesive experience and requiring less tutorials on the matter.


We could probably do something similar for the rest of the organelles


For the upgrades perhaps? And maybe even unlocking certain organelles by upgrading others?


Not that this isn’t a good idea, but I think we should be wary of making tech trees for everything. Having said that, I think it’s a good idea for agents because it makes the more fun (or at least combative and exciting) part of the Microbe Stage more immersive, which is what we want right now.


What if, in relation to the parts you can obtain in the Microbe stage there are tech trees relating to each one.

Points could be added to already selected parts to produce more effective and efficient parts but could also be removed and put into other parts based on necessity.
This is just in case for beyond microbe stage in which you may need to have a basis for the next adaptation. by this I mean to give an example of how snakes at one point in their evolution had legs but opted to move via their body muscles rather than the limbs they once had (not that they had a choice ^^’)

For Toxins alone you could spec them into giving certain effects such as paralysis, confusion or weakening/bleeding, later adaptations could modify the toxin to have multiple effects or have specific uses.

Was gonna draw this all out but wasn’t really worth it as it would just get over complicated.


About the removing points and redistributing them, that’s not gonna be a thing in thrive afaik? Evolution doesnt really go backwards, only forwards, so mutation points dont get given back, only spent. Removing an organelle is just as much a mutation as adding one.

However I agree about the toxin stuff


For points then in regards to redistribution, rather than removing points its a case of spending points to make adjustments to the parts instead. e.g. legs can grow longer and larger or can be shrunken down. Or you can do what horses did and say screw that I’ll just use a Massive finger!


What if we had a tech tree where there’s a limited amount of points to send (different from MP), but you get to remove unused techs (so it would be a graph more than a tree).


Using a graph as a basis isn’t a bad idea :slight_smile: I dig it but of course there’d have to be some sort of upper limit as you don’t want your creature/cell/whatever to be unstable and easily broken animal with noodle limbs.

In that regard, moving closer to the axis the further along you get, the more issues you’ll have with those parts.


I think it would overdo things to add another set of points to think about. It should just be spending Mutation Points every time you want to upgrade but, as Atrox said, you don’t get any back for undoing an upgrade. It can just be paid for like normal organelles.

Also, we should make sure to stick,to the topic. You could always start a new thread if you liked.


@stealthstylel No like, those are the points you would use.


Crodnu specifically said that there would be points separate to MPs, or is that not what you are talking about?


Ah, he did… Yeah I don’t think it’d work as a separate set of points but the idea still stands.
Although now I feel we’ve strayed too far from the initial thread, should we start a new one?


It depends. I think it’s alright if we discuss in relation to how the points affect agents, but if you want to talk about something unrelated, sure.