Detail in the Multicellular Stage


That could probably be broken down into two tissues. The first will be skin and on top of that you can paint hair tissue or feature tissue.

That will also depend on the tissue/organ you create. You will have cells that can generate the actual toxin, and then they can be thrown into the environment as external nodes of the “organ net”.


Exactly, and I agree with almost everything you said. The one part I’m confused with is are you suggesting placing tissues to form organs? Instead of placing preset organs?

“Then, from the 10 cells you design various tissue for late
multicellular, which can further be tweaked with sliders using the grid
system we are using for organelle updates (to provide a sense of flow by
using the same similar editor UI).”

Exactly what I was thinking. Then when you are in the organism editor the tissues are also editable using the grid system.

Yeah I think we can dodge a massive bullet by ignoring placement and just looking at organelle numbers.


Yeah, I feel like the player should create his own organs from tissues, instead of having preset organs to choose from. However, I have no idea how we can make this easy for the non-bio-PhD player to understand and enjoy. So it’s up for debate, much like everything else on this thread…


I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m currently strongly for just having preset organs (like we have preset function parts in the Tech Editor) but having the organs start very basic and allow for the player to evolve them and customize them (using the grid system). However I’m open to being persuaded for the tissue placement approach.


Well this again comes to the issue of how does the placement of tissues affect the working of the organ? Like do you want to make a “lung simulator” which can work out from the tissue placement how good the lung is at being a lung? Because if not then it’s all cosmetic. If you do then you need one for each organ and good luck with that.