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I have a bad habit of being deathly afraid of panning in my songs, outside of certain phasers and flanges. I generally use pitch bending to make drums like that sound more organic and varied (since that specific voice only has a couple of actual drum sounds.)

Here’s this oddly specific song, kinda inspired by the Deus Ex: HR soundtrack, as well


I can’t find any significant fault with that. Great work! :smile:

Also, are you planning to upload any of the finished versions to YouTube at some point? Obviously the sound quality drops but they can then be added to the playlist of approved submissions, and as long as you keep the .wav it’s fine if it ever needs to be used again. I’ll be able to upload them to my channel if you can’t (giving you credit in the title of course).


If I can locate a way to set up a video format on my laptop, I’ll do that. Depending on this hotel’s WiFi quality (i say, sitting in the car in the parking lot) I may be able to upload those tonight


It’s time to see whether I can actually compose anything good anymore instead of telling other people how to do it.

This is based on very simple ideas (4/4 time signature, 120 BPM, basic rock drum beat, repeating bass ostinato) but gets progressively more complex as it goes, with a lot of improvisation and modulation. Some of the transitions were a bit thorny, and I still don’t think I got the last one right.


EDIT: Wow, that was amazing! Possibly could use a bit more attention to the drum beat imo but I can’t see anything else you could change to improve that!

Oh, also, is this game going to be consistently based on controlling and focusing on individual organisms or will it eventually expand to a more general control of the species? I suspect I should know this by now but I’ve not had much time to catch up since I joined in. I’ve got some ideas to tweak based on how that works


Thanks! Yeah, after re-listening a couple of times I have found some problems with the drums, especially the fills towards the end which have some inaccuracies.

Beyond the awakening stage, the player will control a group of their species rather than an individual, although the plan is still to have the option to switch to playing as one member during the later stages.


Alright, thanks. I’m thinking (a dangerous habit, I know) that we should start building a set of stingers for different events in the game, since a lot of the focus at the moment has been on longer background pieces. Things like “predator spotted” or “nuclear bomb detonated” come to mind…


Yep, we’ll definitely need a lot of those for later stages. Unfortunately we don’t know the whole list yet, because we don’t know much about what will be in many of them. Create some anyway, and then we can just use the ones we need.


Here’s the fixed Robocracy Theme:

I won’t have a lot of time to work on Thrive for a while now, so expect this to be my only significant composition until further notice.


Wow! That’s so vastly improved by the change! Like, improving a drum track is usually a pretty innocuous change, but the innocuous change here really changed the way the song sounds and made it like a bazillion times better! Good job! (also i actually really like the sound of that repeating bass)


Took a while, but here’s a new theme:


This is a really delightful tune.


I’m in the middle of making an updated Main Theme, but it probably won’t be done for quite a while yet. I’ve decided to open it up to suggestions from others on what they think it should be like, plus any actual musical contributions from other composers. For reference, it’s in the key of F minor at 136bpm. If you want, create some musical phrases which fit to this requirement (probably only one instrument for each), post a download link to the audio and I’ll try and incorporate them somewhere. Alternatively, you could always just create interesting sounds without tempo to add to it.

New Composer/Orchestrator

Oh, I had already made a few scenes for the first intro and choreographed them accordingly, but I still have all the assets, so let me know how so you expect to finish the new theme, I can re-render the scenes and edit them to match.


To be honest it might be useful to work in reverse, i.e. organising the structure based on what you have in mind for the video. I realise if you’ve done it based on the old theme it’ll be pretty similar already, but it would be useful to know when there could be an extra crescendo or something.


I think the theme would turn out better if you had complete freedom. Like i said, the scenes can just be re-rendered, music takes much longer to change. All I really need is a soft ending, so I can mix the current intro sound with the new scene at the end.


I’d be happy to help! I just am not entirely certain what you need here.



  • Short motifs of one or multiple instruments to fit into the updated Main Theme.
  • Individual interesting sound effects for the same purpose.

To clarify, these would be in the form of audio files sent to me so I can add them to what I’ve got already and build off from them.

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Here are some relatively quickly iterated cues.

Any that get okay’d will be developed so as to have the current version and an “agitated” or “action” version as well.

Let me know if these are too off-base (or if they are alright) or anything else that may be on your mind about what I’m doing! :smile: