New composer/musician


Hey everyone, my name is Curtis and I’m a composer. I mostly work with synthesizers, but I’ve also got an upright piano and a Rhodes piano to record with. Most of my work’s pretty atmospheric, so I think it’ll vibe well here. You can check out a few of my compositions on Soundcloud to get an idea:

Anyway, I love everything I’ve heard so far–tons of talent on this team. Can’t wait to get started!


Hi Curtis. Welcome to the team!


Welcome! :smiley:

Your work is great, and indeed perfect for an atmospheric soundtrack. If you’re ready to start we generally let composers choose what to work on - pick a game stage or scenario or whatever and write a piece of music on it (mention what you’re intending to work on though so we can make sure it’ll be appropriate for the game). On the other hand, I can give suggestions if you want.

Post anything you come up with here: Music List Thread (Post New Themes Here)

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Thanks guys! I’ll definitely post in there once I get started on my first track. Just curious, is there a master list of scenarios to create music for? I’m also happy to just get started working on music for a stage and then narrow down its focus once it starts to take form.


There isn’t any master list really, since it depends on what exactly ends up in the game, something we can’t predict.