New Theorist, Game Designer!

Hello! My name is Kaleb, I also go by GlassDev. I am an indie game developer with experience in programming, graphics, and design! I plan on bringing my knowledge in Ecology and other aspects of Environmental Science to Thrive to bring a deeper more accurate experience to players in the future! Glad to be here!


Welcome. Good to have experienced game developers on the team, with finished games under their belt.
I didn’t set you a primary group yet, as your primary team could reasonable be one of: programming, game design, theory, (graphics). Which of those would you like?

Also it’s mandatory for me to give new people the link to the setup instructions:

I think my primary role would be a theorist. Accuracy counts right?

Sure. We are bottlenecked on programming work, as we have been for a long time now. So I hope you would consider helping out with that.
Accuracy counts as long as you can still have a fun playing experience.

Yeah I wouldn’t have a problem working as a programmer also! If it’s best for the team, I would be more than happy to.

Welcome and great to expand the theorist team!

I hope you can add a little to the wiki too, where I already created some stubs to document some of the theoretical foundations for the game.

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