New Theorist - Zarki


I’m 21 years old. I live in Belgium. I’m a Master’s student in Bioinformatics and Modelling. I’ve finished my (3-years) Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences last year. At the moment, I’m learning things like programming, molecular modelling, metabolic modelling, machine learning and omics processing (omics = DNA, proteins, and more). I’m also learning psychology in my free time. I’m a man of science. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have true game development skills as I’m rather a data scientist than a programmer. However, programming is part of my everyday life. I use mainly Python but I also use occasionally R and Java. A few years ago, I’ve also used Javascript and C.

Nonetheless, I’m a bioinformatician and I work with a huge amount of data. It means the complexity of the algorithms is a key feature. A part of my job is to build models that fit the reality with a compromise between simplicity and accuracy. I’m good at math and statistics, so balancing the game wouldn’t be a too hard task if needed. :relaxed:

I don’t really have any projects to present. My work is made up of a bunch of small projects that don’t really deserve to be shared. Do not hesitate to ask for a project in a specific field if you wish.
Check that as a bonus. I did it with friends during a hackathon. I made the video and a part of the code. It’s not really useful but it was fun. :sweat_smile:

I’m still not sure how much time I want to give but I surely want to get involved. I won’t go missing without warning and I always read my emails.
I’m not really sure what to do right now. It looks like there is a lot of unfinished work in the theorist section. I’d like to know what’s a priority so I can begin somewhere.

Happy to be here!


PS: English is my second language but it shouldn’t be a problem.


Welcome to the Theorist team! My own background is in evolutionary biology & systematics plus a career in systems development and digitisation, so we’re starting to pack quite a punch. I think at least half of us aren’t native English speakers

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