SomesRose - New Theorist

Hello everyone!

I’m SomesRose, a new member of the Theory Team! In real life I am a researcher in Developmental Biology with a focus on protein systems. To quote kertit: “I’m looking at how things gets fucked up when I mess with proteins.” I’m looking forward to assisting the development team in keeping Thrive as scientifically accurate as possible.
Outside of my area of specialty I am also highly interested in evolution, tectonic science, synthetic biology, and horizontal orginizational structures.

Thank you all for having me!


Hello SomesRose! I’m very glad to have a new theorist on board!

I’ll give you a quick run-down of what is expected of you in the theory team;

Our goal with Thrive is to strike a perfect balance of fun gameplay and accurate realism as possible. As a theorist, you’ll often be consulted by other developers about the feasibility of features, and how accurate they may be to real life in order to reach this goal. At the bare minimum, simply being available to answer questions and provide articles of information is enough. A proactive theorist would be greatly appreciated though!

One of the largest systems in Thrive related to theory is the autoevo algorithm which determines how life in the worlds of Thrive interacts and evolves without the player’s input. As a theorist, you will have a large say in how this system should work, but you will need to work closely with the programmers and game designers to ensure that this vital system is realistic, functional, and fun. Any input on this system is invaluable.

Finally, as a Thrive developer you are free to offer input in any other field, so don’t be shy about communicating your thoughts about decisions made by other teams!


I’m more then happy to answer questions! I’m also excited to take part in conversations regarding future gameplay development going forward. Thank you for the warm welcome!

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