TheHungryBandito - New Programmer

Hey everyone! My name is Josh, my passion is programming with experience with C# and Unity.
I’m excited to work with the team and develop my skills as a programmer, I will start by fixing bugs that have been flagged.

I started programming a few years ago as a hobby when I was a poultry farmer, but I sustained a life-changing injury that led me to be out of work and unable to do physical labour. After this event, I realized that I really found comfort in programming and that it is my passion.

I hope to get some valuable experience from contributing to this project and meet some people on the way! :smile:


Welcome to the team! I’m glad you have found joy in programming; for me, it seems like any piece of code I touch loves to slap me in the face!

It’s good that you’ve already started picking up momentum by squashing some of the bugs that annoy us. I’m no programmer, but I know that the biggest advice all programmers give on the team is to just pick a small issue and use that issue familiarize yourself with a specific part of the code base first. Hhyyrylainen is your team lead, so you can always consult with him.

Eager to see what you are able to achieve.

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Welcome to Thrive, Josh! I hope that you‘ll be able to orient yourself well within our workflows and within our code:)

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Welcome to the team.

Here’s the customary setup instructions link:

Once you get Thrive building you should have a look at the easy or good first issues on our Github: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub
Let me know if you need help with the setup or picking a suitable issue to start with.