0.4.0 Gameplay Features


I think that it’s juat so compounds are more distinct.

I have started hitting parts of this list, we have individual compounds now and after I’m done with engulfing I’m moving up the health system, I also did some AI work and added chemoplasts (still waiting on the model for that)


I remember writing this somewhere else but now can’t find it, so I guess I can write it again :slight_smile:

The relationship between glucose and reproduction is a bit complicated. What happens when you are low on glucose? If glucose is being used up by reproduction then it feels quite harsh. You may run out of gas at a critical moment as your cell uses the last of your fuel in an unintelligent way. I think this is maybe ok but doesn’t feel quite right.

One option is to have reproduction automatically turn off when glucose is low to preserve it however I worry this will push people into endless runs where they are always low on glucose and can never quite get enough to reproduce, which I’m not comfortable with.

Another is to offer a toggle for reproduction, however I think this has the same problem and I would worry about people turning it off and then forgetting and being frustrated when they realise later.

In conclusion I think it’s a good system to start with to say: to reproduce you need to find X ammonia and Y phosphate and then survive for some amount of time (I think a couple of minutes, something like that) and then you will definitely reproduce if you are not dead. I think that is clear, easy to understand and pretty fair on the player.

I am very happy if there is a desire to iterate on this after 0.4.0. Glucose in reproduction could be very reasonable and if people have ideas for the above problems I’d love to hear them.


Should cells moving without flagella use atp, if so how much should it cost?


Yes I think they should and it should cost maybe half of running a flagella? I don’t mind too much, I don’t think it should be super expensive.


Sounds fair to me, I dunno if we should wait til the changes to the control system before doing that.


What do you mean about changes to the control system? Do you mean using a+d to turn?

That’s something I’m not particularly keen on. If we’re going to try it out I think it makes sense to rebalance the movement first, and get it really nice and smooth with mouse + wasd and then see if we want to switch control schemes.

My concern with a+d to turn is that it means you always turn at a constant rate. Either that’s slow and you can make fine course corrections easily but doing a 180 takes ages, or it’s fast and spinning around is easy but making a little change is hard.

With the mouse what’s nice about it is that the rate at which you turn can be proportional to how far you have to turn, so doing a 180 can be quick and you can make smooth little adjustments when going in a straight line, I think that feels quite nice.

So I’m open to a different control scheme but I think what we have now will feel better.


I’m also leaning towards keeping the mouse control scheme for 0.4.0 to keep the number of new features that haven’t been tested yet down / the number of things to do down as properly switching microbes to use turning instead of target heading will need quite a lot of changes in many places.


I agree, I just didn’t want to mention that I wasn’t a big fan of it, what we have now is very easy to understand


I wanted to put up a final note of thanks to everyone who has put effort into this patch. The game has moved forward hugely, the new organelles and backgrounds look great, the code cleanup has been awesome, I like the new camera thing and all the other stuff too numerous to fully list. Thanks to everyone.

Special thanks to @Untrustedlife who has done a vast amount of work on this patch, I really appreciate all the programming and art and gui stuff which has touched basically every part of the game. Also to @hhyyrylainen who at some points earlier in the year was working alone on the engine switch which was a gargantuan task. Thanks so much for doing that work as we wouldn’t be where we are now without it, the new engine is a huge step forward.

I think Thrive has a bright future because of all the great contributions you all have made. I’m humbled to be part of such a talented and dedicated team.