0.5.3 Features Discussion

It’s time to talk about plans for 0.5.3

I’ve already created a milestone on github and I put the few issues that didn’t make it in for 0.5.2 in it: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/milestone/18

We still have the backlog: https://wiki.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/wiki/Release_Roadmap#Feature_Backlog

For me I’d like to work on 2 things:

Additionally I’d like to make sure @Nicolas doesn’t have problems getting the translations in. I’ll probably also try to make a Finnish translation.

edit: forgot to mention that I’m kinda leaning towards putting the AI issue in the milestone to try to encourage people to work on it, thoughts?


I was hoping I would be able to push some concepts closer to completion, but for now I’m not entirely sure what new features we could try putting into the milestone. Maybe this coming week I’ll just have to pull out all the stops and go crazy with the concepts. Otherwise I’m just going to continue trying to implement the changes from my balance plan.

That being said, here are some features I think would be nice to see sometime soon:

  • Movable parts in the editor: Being able to move parts would be really nice, I think a good cost, if any, would be around 2 or 5 per hex moved.
  • Finish up the spawn system changes: I’m honestly not sure what is still undone, but I would prefer to implement the coming balance changes after it’s done as the processes depend heavily on the availability of compounds.
  • disable engulfing for wall-type membranes: Should be relatively simple, will also need to change the tooltips to inform players they cannot engulf. Personally this change wont really be impactful until we revamp AI.

That being said, I am in support of placing AI into the milestone, the revamp is really needed for the game to be more exciting.


Yeah, I also agree with including the AI. A further spawn system improvements could also benefit the gameplay more as there are still many complaints about it as far as I can tell.

Since there aren’t a lot of discussions of the big features, here’s a list of minor things that could also be put in the milestone IMO:

  • Convex meshes for chunk collisions
  • Further audio improvements in general (e.g fix random blip noises, jukebox fade in/out, microbe dynamic movement sound)
  • Update the procedural patch map generator for the godot version (and merge it into the master branch?)

Also, not sure what I’ll be doing. Maybe I’ll try experimenting with DonGororo’s report tab concept graphs and see if I could manage to implement it.


I agree. They were in the planning board “features for release after next” column anyway.

I remember there is an issue for this already. Or did you mean something else?

I think this would be a nice feature to plan to get in the game.

These are pretty difficult, because I don’t really know how I’d fix them. But I think we can try to put them in the milestone, I’m just unsure if we have any people willing to tackle them.

In general I think I’ll put all of the “release after next” cards to the next release column and grab a few extra easy-ish issues.

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Yeah but like as you said, hopefully it will at least incentivize some contributors to work on it.

I mean these two issues:

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I think I got all of the suggested things, and put them in the milestone: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/milestone/18
As far as I could tell I only needed to open a new issue for preventing engulfing with the wall membranes.
I also added a bunch of easy issues to the milestone to try to get people to do those.

Let’s just hope that we have enough eager people to work on all the issues.


What alternative to engulfing would there be for those that have these walls but don’t want to be autotrophs then? I agree that they shouldn’t let you engulf if they cover your cell completely but is it possible for them to have openings so these cells can still be predators?

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That concept has been discussed a few times in the past, and is definitely not off the table. I would like for there to be alternatives and work-arounds for cell walls but the issue with that concept is that I dont think we are entirely certain as to how implementing an orifice would work mechanically. Certainly something to be discussed sometime soon, but for now the only alternatives would be killing cells and absorbing the meager compounds held within.