3D/2D Artist Incoming!

Hello everyone! I’m Jackie, and i’m new to the team. I’m a 3D artist with a lot of skill in Animation, 3D modelling, and designing procedural/dynamic materials as well as particles. I’m a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to everything Art, and I’ve got a lot of experience in designing and creating assets for projects, or designing/setting them up to work. I’m currently the Project Lead on a number of games (And some games I’ve worked on have even been released on Steam!), and i’ve made a number of shaders (Although, not programming them from scratch. So that’s gonna be tough, here; i’d need some assistance on that.) However, I wanted to help Thrive out, as I’ve been following the game since, well, almost the beginning, and it’s an incredible idea that I want to see come to life. I have a fundamental understanding of just about everything when it comes to these kinds of things, but my primary focus is the overall presentation, experience, and art side of things.

Enough blabbering, though; below i’ll provide some examples of my work!

[My Portfolio]

[Some Noteworthy YouTube Links]

I also designed some Organelles for Thrive specifically as a sort of initiation, which i’ll link below. I had this idea where, when the cell dies, and the organelles start free-floating, the organelles have a sort of “dead/damaged” state. I only modelled a Flagellum, a Nucleus, and a Mitochondria currently, though.

Anyway, that’s a lot of information, sorry for that; I can’t wait to help out, though! I look forward to settling in, and working with you guys!


Hello Jackie and welcome to the Thrive dev team in general and the graphics team in paticular!
Your portfolio is impressive and those organelles (both the intact ones and the damaged ones) are absolutely terrifingly stunning!
I‘m (and I‘m sure we‘re) also very much looking forward to working with you:)

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