3D Modeler Introduction

Hello! My name is Patrick, and I’ve just recently been brought onto the dev team here as (mainly) a 3D modeler. I don’t really want to lengthen this post too much, so I won’t go into extreme depth, but I’m willing and able to help in basically any of the areas besides programming. My most recent models created with thrive in mind are this cilia:

And this mitochondria:

Both are not in great lighting or render settings, but they don’t really need to be of course. The colors on the mitochondria are also just pulled out of nowhere, so it does look a bit odd with red and blue.

Anyways, looking forward to helping the team!

As a side note, could someone show me how to get to the stack group?

Hi Patrick! Welcome to the team.

Re the slack group you’ll need to wait for an invitation, I believe only @moopli can do that.

Looking forward to have you here.

Were you able to get into the Slack group?

It does not seem so? Unless he goes by a different name there.

I don’t know how to get into the group, so not really sure If I would be able to.

@Poisonchocolate, What tjwhale said;

I can invite as well. I sent you a PM for your email.