3D Models?

Hi, so I’ve just realized that as a sound-person, I’m terrible at making good sounds (well, music). So since I’m a pretty okay 3D modeler I thought that I might as well do this as well.

Things I can definitely do:
-Geometric-Based things (basic mechanic-y stuff)

Things I may be able to do (haven’t tried)
-Creature-Parts modelling
-Plant-stuff modelling
-Probably a lot of misc. stuff.

So, if there’s anything in particular you think we’ll need, just say otherwise I’ll just get on making some parts for the species.

Right now we’re working on the microbe stage, and when we get to creature parts there will be a lot of flexibility in terms of scale, shape, dimensions, etc. So we shouldn’t jump into that quite yet. If you want to help with organelles, @TheCreator is the graphics team lead, he may have something for you. I think we need a model for the agent secretors

If you truly are eager to make creature parts, I’m in the process of making the new intro for Thrive, so you could create entire creatures, vehicles, or anything else you can think of for it. I especially need aquatic creatures, anything helps really, even trees and ferns, but remember, try to make them non-earth like. You have complete creative freedom here, the more people creating assets for the intro the more variety the scenes will have.

Any thoughts on this tree?

The trunk farthest left is the base (bottom of the thick trunk to the left). The rest is just extra stuff that I ended up placing down. Just because I could.

So yeah, if you like it I’ll give you a download link (no idea how), if not I’d just wait because I’ve got more stuff coming!