A wild coder approaches

Hey everyone! I’m a software developer with about 6 years experience, working on giant ancient legacy software that missed the chance to be good years ago. I’ve always found it’s healthy to have a second, smaller codebase going on where choices actually matter, and I figured it might be fun to work on something someone might see for a change!
I have no experience with Godot before this, but I’ve got a few video game like repositories (adQuid / Repositories · GitHub) and a bunch of tabletop stuff (http://brianstoybox.com/) to my name. SOLID code design, elegant rule systems, and odd facts of biology are probably my three biggest passions, so you can count on me to be motivated if nothing else.
Spore was the most hype I ever got for a videogame, and actually getting to play it was when I realized Santa wasn’t real, so it’s an honor to take a crack at righting that wrong now that I have the powers to do so.


Welcome! I think we met already in the development channel on the community discord but, I’m a graphics guy who knows lots of GLSL (OpenGL language) and is taking a crack at learning Vulkan now. So if you ever need shaders for some reason, I can at least help you out. I also used to do contract work for game studios making 3D art assets (I used 3DS Max and Maya mostly, but I’m just as/more adept in Blender) so if you need 3D models I can make some probably.

I’m currently trying to get membranes done and over with (literally was working on it in Rider as of writing this lol) so I might not get to things right away though.

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Welcome, welcome. I won’t link the setup instructions as you already did a PR, but let me know if you haven’t found any issues / feature to work on next and I can suggest you something.