Attempt at a new Thrive intro

So i know Nanu is already making this, But i thought i could have a go at it too.
I could at least try.

My plan is to make a few short clips and edit them into one intro.
The concept is the following:

For a short moment, some DNA strands are shown, then it zooms out fades into a view of a single cell, which moves a bit, then it zooms out even more, showing an eye of a creature, which darts into a few directions before looking at the screen, with the eye wide open, it quickly fades to white, the logo is shown, fades to black, then it proceeds to the menu.

So far the DNA scene is completed and in video form, and the the cell scene is still rendering.

Now if this is not needed, iā€™l take it down and everything.
Just wanna contribute.