Background science links

This is a thread for collecting links to useful scientific concepts and examples of species on Earth.

Here’s a list of the biggest single cells discovered on Earth. It seems the largest bacteria are 0.75mm, the largest cell with a single nucleus can be 10cm tall and the largest multinucleate cell can have fronds 3m long.

Here’s a playlist of video footage of microbes. Journey to the microcosmos also contains a lot of nice information, nicely presented.

Here is some information on a relative shallow (570m) hydrothermal vent.

Here is some information on different proposed mechanisms for single cells to form mulitcellular species. This is the TLDR.

Bacteria propelled by slime jets.

Information on the warnowiids which have very sophisitcaed eyespots possibly used for hunting.

Animals which can photosynthesize.