Bacteria Models


Now i know this is about ThreeCubed’s models, but i also created a bacteria model and would just like to ask:
Do i need to create a new thread about my models or can i show them here?


This thread’s about bacteria models in general, so just put em here


Here it is:

It’s really simplistic though.


we’re going for a more transparent look, particularly one with greater transparency toward the center. The specular and bump maps look great, but they dont export into Ogre very well.


It actually is transparent.
i just need to increase the fresnel and blend.


maybe just layer weight transparency. These models will be quite small in game, fresnel isnt really necessary, no glossiness is really


ok then.


I made a new bacteria model with a flagella, and cillia.
I’m thinking that this one should be for the background, and be a sprite.

These are separate frames for said sprite, which include the prokaryotic flagella spinning:

The image’s order may be messed up, but you can rearrange them.