BrunoC - New Modeler and Artist

Hi everyone! :smile:
Thank you so much for letting me join this amazing project!

I’m Bruno, a hobbyist 3D modeler in Blender and UI designer from Italy, very interested in videogames and biology. I’m really young and currently attending a Computer Science University hoping to become a game developer in the future.
I’m very excited to be part of this team and I’m ready to learn more and do what I can to help in this worderful project!


Welcome! It’s great to have a new UI designer on board, as the game is constantly evolving so does a need for a good UI design, a “programmer’s art” can only do so much before we eventually clutters the UI every new content additions. Hopefully you can take a look at the current in-game UI and see what can be improved as I’m also quite involved in its implementation.

Recently, there’s talks about overhauling the main menu, maybe you can provide inputs and or concepts regarding a new design if you want anytime.

Welcome to the team.

Also just in the last few days a few new modelling / art tasks have come up:

Which haven’t been started by anyone yet.

We don’t currently really have an active graphics team lead. So we non-graphics people will try to help you get started. Asking on the dev discord graphics channel and hanging around there are good ways to get help, feedback and to see what needs to be worked on.

All of the known graphics tasks are on the graphics planning board: Graphics Tasks · GitHub