Changing programmer application process


I’ve been planning on doing a setup video using my laptop (which currently has no development tools installed so it is a clean slate). But as the setup isn’t yet fully finalized and I’ve had other things to do I haven’t done that.


I think it’s better if we allow them to join and then not participate meaning we have to put them onto an inactive developers list, than to introduce an extra criteria for them to join and risk less people joining. I think worst case scenario of having people join and not do anything is bloating of places like slack and the wiki which shoudn’t be too bad to deal with.

Also I think we should try to make joining as straightforward as possible to not turn away the people who are on the fence, since many people join at first and don’t participate right away, but then later will get more involved and we should leave that window open for them. I remember when I first joined I was mostly lurking and reading for a while and it was only over a few weeks of seeing declining development that I started getting more committed (moopli also had a long leave soon after he joined and then returned later and was very active).


Okay so would the following be fine with everyone:

  • We actually require programming samples from every new programmers (this hasn’t been fully enforced all the time)
  • The new programmers don’t get added to the wiki of developers, which should only have people who have contributed so that we can use it as a basis for credits for the game.

So we would still accept new programmers (after they provide samples) to the team, but they would only be added to the wiki after contributing.


I would also like to say explicitly that the samples should include the source code
Also i still like the idea of a programmer-help discord channel, whether we change the application process or not