Dolphin - New Programmer and Sound Artist

Personal Summary:

TDLR: Hi, I am Dolphin (Christiaan). A solo hobbyist developer from South Africa, 21 year old male. I have no formal training but I have been dedicated to the craft as much as I can throughout my life and learned a lot. I am a C# Unity developer but I am confident I can learn Godot in due time. I also have basic experience with music production, video editing, and photo editing.

I have never collaborated before and am knew to a lot of this, so please bare with me :slight_smile:

You can find my code and some other stuff on my GitHub:

Dolphin-ZAAZ/Game-Dev-Portfolio: Hi, this is all my work. (

And all of my project exports I have uploaded to my Google Drive:

Dolphin’s Projects

I think you’ll be interested in my project: “Fractal”. It’s got a similar theme to Thrive (cell natural selection). Although much less impressive and was a shorter term project. It’s basically just a simulated cell battle royal and all you do is spectate.

My Top 3 Projects are:

  1. Leighvi Moment

  2. Inner Energistics

  3. Fractal

More Info:

Hi, I’m Dolphin (Christiaan). I’m from South Africa and I’m a 21 year old male.

I have been a solo hobbiest game developer since I entered high school in 2016.

I have almost solely developed using Unity C# however I am confident in my ability to swap
between software and programming languages. I have a small amount of experience with Python outside of game dev and I started my programming journey with the 2D visual scripting software “Scratch” back in 2015.

Although I have never worked with others, I am familiar enough with Git and ready to learn and mingle. And I’m eager to learn industry standards and good practice.

Outside of programming I have dabbled in music production, video editing, and photo editing.
In FL Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, and Photoshop respectively. I am a bit of a designer at heart.

Outside of the creative sphere, I have had a job in the management of a small ecommerce business in my local town. I have limited experience with a wide range of businessy stuff.

Please feel free to contact me for verification that I am real.
Also, please be aware that I am a shy individual.

Thank you for this opportunity and Im stoked to start working on Thrive.

Much love, good luck and warm regards,
Christiaan Visser

~sent from a phone so the formatting is probably a bit wacky.


Welcome to the team!

If you haven’t yet compiled Thrive, you should start there. To do that follow the instructions here:

If you run into any problems trying to get things setup please ask here on the forums or the dev Discord and I or some other programmer will try to help you.

Once you have got Thrive building and running locally you are ready to pick out a task to work at.

Our list of programming tasks is on GitHub. Easy or good first issues should be what you can start with as those should be the easiest.

Here’s the list of easy issues: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

If nothing really catches your eye you can ask me or another team member to recommend some tasks which might be good.

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