Ean - New Tester

Hello! My name is Danforth Ean Myers but I just go by Ean. I’m from the good ol’ U.S. of A and I’m quite new to the testing scene. I just recently got my ISTQB certificate as a Certified Tester, Foundation Level and I hope to use my general knowledge of testing to the best of my abilities. My main goal here is to help with the development of Thrive in anyway I can and to gain experience in testing so as to help me grow as a developer and a tester. I am currently a college student so I’ll let the appropriate people know when classes start up again. As a side note, I am currently creating my own game on Unity but it’s very slow going right now. I’ll try to use my knowledge (not much as of right now :grimacing: ) of game development to help with testing and improving Thrive in any way I can! I look forward to working with everyone!


Welcome to the team!
As you are the only testing team member (who is active), you probably won’t receive a welcome from there. I already tried to give you some guidance and some PR links that you could start by playtesting.

Also inspired by that, I wrote some of that down on the testing wiki page: Testing - Thrive Developer Wiki

Wow, we’ve got a professional one! Welcome!