Early Multicellular cell connection

So the early multicellular stage is in the works but i guess everybody saw that the cells just sculpture into a ugly mess i thnk that maybe making cellcombine into eachother then the game would look nicer but the preformance would increase

What exactly do you mean here? Discussing this first requires knowing what we’d talk about.

It has been brought up before that some kind of extracellular matrix graphics should be added to make cells look more like they are stuck together in some structure instead of just having touching membrane edges. And that is something that’s been brought up before but no one so far has done any concept art for what that should look like or put effort into making the graphics / programming the feature. If that is your suggestion then #graphics is the right category, if you are suggesting something else, this is a much bigger discussion.

thats what i mean cells instead of looking and like there stuck together they kind of just merge into each otherbut not a blob just cells like there core is going into my main cell causing low fps

Currently in the game the physics body for a cell that is bound to another is removed. Instead the individual collision shapes are added to the physics body of the colony lead cell. Cell colonies are already fused into a single physics body. It’s not possible for a single physics body to collide with itself.

I made this paint drawing with how it can look. But how would this affect the game and preformance?
(POV it looks like among us characters and is the worst art i made)

So this is literally about modifying the cell graphics when in a colony to make it look like they are more tightly packed together / touching each other more. That means that this is just the intercellular matrix idea then.

@Gamedungeon decided to start tackling this finally:

based on the fact that this is a very popular feature suggestion: Intercellular Matrix · Thrive Suggestions

thats what i like to hear