Future Release Plans


My bad, that was a typo, I meant week/ few days depending on how many bugs we find.


Sounds good. Unless there are any objections, let’s release the first test release on Monday.


I’ve adjusted the OP to match what we’ve completed for the release:

Fluid simulation
Compound clouds
Temporary text tutorial
Sound effects overhaul
Wobbly cell membrane
Smoother scrolling
Minor adjustments and bug fixes[/quote]

The only items left to complete for tomorrow evening (aside from merging all my sound effect meddling) are:

[quote]Bloom and blur visuals
Agents acting as compound clouds[/quote]


What’s the wobbly cell membrane?

Also, is there anywhere I can get information on the fluid sim?


@stealthstylel: http://youtu.be/G4IZXbQjirk




For anyone watching the dev forum and wondering why nothing’s going on, don’t fret - there’s still regular activity on Slack and GitHub on the programming side of things. Activity’s slowed substantially because we all have various exams, but come June-ish we should hopefully be a bit more active as a whole.

I think at this point it’s worth waiting until then to push for the full 0.3.2 release, because it doesn’t appear much is going to happen before then. Then when we all have free time in the summer, we can finally begin the outreach and get things running a bit more smoothly.




Well, that’s our monthly dose of Moopli over.

On a serious note, @moopli when are you likely to have more time to contribute again?


It’s hard to say, as a few of my courses this term have big assignments that I actually enjoy working on, so it’s difficult for me to use Thrive to even justify shirking my schoolwork ^^



Anyway, I’ve updated the top post to reflect the things that I and others will be working on for 0.3.3. If I accidentally moved a feature to a next release that you wanted to finish for 0.3.3, feel free to edit the post. Also, I’ve added links to the features that have related threads.


Oh well, at least it happened eventually.

I’ve put a page on the Wiki covering the release roadmap in detail, which I’ve updated to reflect your changes.


I’ve just updated the OP to reflect the features of the upcoming release, moving those we didn’t complete to later releases. @TheCreator if you wouldn’t mind, could you make a new reply here once the release is up?


I’m guessing someone already did it? Also, I’ll write up a full draft of the release plan for 0.3.4 sometime next week so that everyone knows exactly what features need work on.



We should probably decide what we want the priorities for the next release are. Work on Unreal seems a given to me, but other than that…combat, agents, etc.?


Pili should be easier in unreal since it’s a lot more documented than bullet, so combat (at least in that regard) should be done by the next release


We need to re-implement features that people want back, but were removed. Editor access is one thing. I would suggest combatbut since we promised movement rework with 0.3.4 and didn’t quite deliver, that also needs to take priority


After editing the OP of this thread to update proposals for future releases, I realised our guidance on what we’re working on is woefully inefficient. We have this thread, this wiki page and GitHub issues - spread out, inconsistent and difficult for everyone to update. It’s fair to say our plans for releases haven’t exactly worked out anyway, since we just end up implementing whatever happens to have been completed rather than going somewhere more directed.

Should we try to reorganise ourselves to work towards decisive feature goals? I’m not saying we have to, but I think it should be considered. The next release seems to have a pretty solid planned features list already: UE4 conversion (if that works), combat mechanics, agents and organelle upgrades. I think @hhyyrylainen suggested a Trello board a while ago. While this could work, I’m sure there are better options which integrate more effectively with what the sprawling mass of internet presences we already have.


That sounds like a fairly good direction to go in. Focused work is always better than disorganized chaos.