Gamedungeon - New Programmer

Hello, I’m a programmer (primarily python, but I dabble in most languages) that loves simulation games and had a plan to create my own similar to this. With this great project already in the state it is, why not support this one instead :slight_smile:

I have experience in both Unity and Godot and have dabbled in most areas in comp sci from OSDev to Data science to simulation development.

I’m excited to began work on creating thrive :slight_smile:


Welcome to the shoulders of giants, Gamedungeon! I joined a little under a year ago for the same reason, and I’d be happy to pass on whatever I’ve been able to learn in that time. An established codebase this size can seem daunting, but I’ve found with Thrive if you dive into a particular part it starts to make sense more quickly than other codebases I’ve worked in.

Welcome to the team!