Georgi - New Game Tester

Hello everyone!

Some of you may already know me from Discord or GitHub but I think a more formal introduction is appropriate.

My real name is Georgi (or George in English), I’m 27 years old and I’m from Bulgaria. I had discovered Thrive back when version 0.3.4 was released and I have been following the project ever since. I was unable to even run some of the versions back then and thanks to the Godot switch I was finally able to enjoy the game. My first involvement with Thrive was back in November 2020, thanks to the Weblate translation system and I started translating the game in to the Bulgarian language. A few months later I started to look out for bugs and actively testing the RC’s of every version. After successfully compiling the game, thanks to HH’s instructions, I started testing every PR which interested me and found out that testing is even funnier than playing the game. That’s why I’m here now.

Thanks for accepting my request, I’m glad to be here!



Welcome to the team. Glad to have more testing resources. I’ll especially appreciate if my double workload of testing and reviewing the code of PRs is reduced.