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Welcome new user!

It appears you have decided to join in the daunting task of Thrive’s development, and if so you are in the right place. Below is a list of the different teams of the Thrive Project. All the work of the project is delegated between the teams. When posting your application, make sure to mention which team(s) you would like to join. Navigate through the links to see the work currently being done by each team and how you can help.

[size=20]The Teams[/size]


Team Leads: Crovea, Moopli

The Programming Team is responsible for turning ambitious game design into working game features.

Types of work: Scripting, engine programming, interface programming, etc.

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Team Leads: TheCreator

But without some nice models and textures, functioning game features are not that rewarding. The Graphics Team is here to remedy that problem.

Types of work: Modelling, animation, texturing, etc.

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Team Leads: Oliveriver

Even then, the game just won’t feel right or immerse you well enough without realistic sound effects and beautiful music to pull you in, courtesy of the Sound Team.

Types of work: Sound effects, music

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Team Leads: Seregon, Tjwhale

But what is a game about the complex processes of life and the universe without a solid scientific backing?

Types of work: Prototyping, designing gameplay, mathematics

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Team Leads: StealthStyleL

Having a polished, fleshed out game is all fine and dandy, but without the Outreach Team how will people find out about it?

Types of work: Marketing, social media, fan interaction

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Project Management

Team Leads: NickTheNick

The Project Management Team is meant to ensure that a group of volunteers working from around the world keeps their efforts focused and efficient. This team is a bit more challenging to get into. Moderator status is something only given to experienced users already established in the project. However, we are looking for people who have experience in project management who can help us improve our project’s structure, or people able to update/maintain the wiki.

Types of work: Updating/maintaining the wiki, moderating