Greetings, friends! I have music!

Hiya! I’m Dwight! I have music!

I’m a bit new to projects of this particular structure, so I may need a few pointers on what exactly to do, but in the meantime, here’s my soundcloud page.

My music is a blend of electronic and orchestral sounds. I look forward to getting to know you all and working on this project!

Hi Dwight, welcome to the project! I hope you like working with us and I look forward to listening to what you compose.

Welcome Dwight! It’s good to have you join us.

I read your application, and in case you were wondering what kind of music Thrive would want, the first minute and a half of your track “Cinematic Thing” sounded fantastic as an epic nature documentary theme, and that’s exactly the style we’re looking for. Well, mostly for the evolution stages, for the civilization stages there’s a much broader range of what you could make.


There isn’t much you really need to know to compose music for us beyond having to post completed themes in this thread. If you have any questions on what’s needed or what a suitable style would be for part of the game, just ask me or post in that thread.

Alrighty. I’m guessing, from context, that a YouTube upload is our preferred method of sharing?

It helps keep things tidy, but you don’t have to upload it there. Other sites like Soundcloud are also acceptable, and if necessary it could always be uploaded to YouTube later (so it can be added to the playlist).