Hello everyone! Name's Johnny

Hey everyone, my name’s Johnny (you can call me Nunz) and I am a former freelance 3D artist (5 years pro experience, many more as a hobby) who specializes with Blender 3D (i started using it before it even had Node editing or Cycles). Currently i am no longer taking clients due to financial/industry circumstances from a while ago and am now on track to become a Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Software. I’m fairly experienced in C++ and am figuring my way out around C# and I hope I can be useful to this beautiful project. Right now i’m trying to brainstorm ways to use the Cell Editor 's hexagon system to create 3D meshes and apply a Fresnel Shader (color on edges, transparent in middle).

Hope we can get along

this is a repost from community but i figured i might as well post this here too


Welcome. If you haven’t managed to compile the game yet, here’s the documentation for that: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/blob/master/doc/setup_instructions.md

Good to hear that you have already found something to work on.