Hello, new outreach person here

Hey everyone, my name is David. I spend a lot of my time volunteering at Ocean Park Rescue Squad in Virginia Beach. I have been with them for a little over 3 years and have been doing community relations events for a little under that. I’ve also helped managed the stations Facebook page so I have experience in that as well.
I found this game a couple weeks ago and it was exactly everything I want in life. When I was younger I spent countless hours playing spore, and I still go back every now and then. Looking at this game, I see the potential for everything I wanted from spore and thought “I need to help this”.
With my love for community relations and outreach, and the fact that I can’t write a loop without crashing my computer, this seemed a perfect fit for me.
I am happy to help in any way I can, and if anyone has anything they need let me know!