Hello World

Hello, my name is Gwen. I am a self taught programmer with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and I’m from Wisconsin. I have heard of Thrive a long time ago, back when this game looked completely differently. Having recently rediscovering it and seeing all of the progress got me excited enough to start working on Thrive. I have already been working on a rewrite to the spawn system.


Hello @GwenBenzschawel! Welcome onboard :smiley:
I’ve seen your PR and will read into the code soon.

Welcome to the team.

As you have an open PR already, I won’t link the setup instructions. You can probably get people to test your changes on the developer discord. Just note that you don’t have to implement everything everyone suggests as people might be very excited about the spawn system finally being worked on. But overall if the system ends up being even a bit better (and not too terribly more difficult to understand / maintain), we can switch over to it.

Welcome! I too am new here! Good stuff!