Hexapod - New Modeller and Programmer

Hi. I’m a gaming and science enthusiast, based in England. My main areas of expertise are philosophy and politics, but I like to do all kinds of computer-based activities in my spare time, including programming, 3D modelling and texturing. I’m currently working towards making games as a source of income, which I was trying to do 2 years ago until Covid got the better of me. I have no formal training in anything related to game development, and am still learning. I’m enthusiastic about open-source projects, and about games which aid learning. So, there was a lot to draw me in to getting involved with Thrive. I was doing graphical work on Kerbal Space Program mods back in the day, and can see lots of opportunities to put my skills and experience to work here.

So far, I’ve made adjustments to the organelle models to get them displaying right in Godot 4, and I’m working on other small graphical changes. I also have been working on trying to get 3D creature visualisations working in the macroscopic stage, but I’m not sure when that will be completed. I’ve produced 2 mods for Thrive (which need updating for the current game), and aim to at some point put together a beginner-friendly modding guide to encourage others.



Sounds like you’ve already found things to work on, but if you ever need to find more tasks there’s a graphics task board: Graphics Tasks · GitHub

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