Hi I'm a new concept artist dev!

Hi my name is Kelvyn, and I’m the new concept artist on thrive! I’ve been doing art since I was 2, when I would draw spiders as little hairy circles. I love creature design most but I’m so excited to contribute everything I can! I tend to go Jurassic, or even reptilian. So I’ll try to be more broad.


I love constructive criticism, so please let me know when something should be changed in my work!

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Hi KC (funny my name is casey is real life). Always glad to have new people, helps liven things up a bit. I mostly do outreach stuff ( or rather pretend to), but also work a little but on light programming stuff. (mostly just bug the other programmers as I ask how to do anything).

I hope you have fun while your hear and are able to get lots done. Feel free to ask questions, discord is best for quick answers, but we use the dev forum for keeping stuff more long term and easy reference.

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Thank you! Everyone has made me feel very welcome!

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