Hi, new artist here!

Hi guys, I’m João Filipe from Brazil, I’m an CG Artist I do anything in 3D including modeling, animation, textures, simulations, compositing, lighting, etc… I usually work for rendered cinematics, but I also can create some low poly and realtime models, my specialty it’s character design and animation, but I also can create environments, vegetation, weapons and more besidess I have some 2d skills and can create concept arts and 2d animations. My game programming knowledge it’s limited (I just worked in game one time, it was a simple one and it was years ago) so I cannot be part of the programmers group, but I have enough knowledge to know how an game engine works and what can be done to put some ideas in action, I also study filmmaking and I’m passionate about it and science so I have great ideas to help with cinematics, teasers and more…

As a passionate by Spore I loved the Thrive game idea and it’s a great pleasure to be here with you, I sent the application three days ago and since I’ve reading all about the game, I have a LOT of ideas to add in the game and I also noticed somethings that could be different to facilitate the programmers and animators life and of course to improve the gameplay. I already made some concepts and can show it if you want. Thrive it’s the game I ever dreamed about so I could do anything to help this project go further.

So, thank you very much for accept me and I really hope to help you as much as I can.

Here is my portfolio so you can know more about me:


Oh gosh, you have some talent!

It‘s exiting to see a professional join our team. I‘m really looking forward to working with you:)

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Thanks! It will be a pleasure, I can’t wait to start haha!

Welcome! And please show us your concepts

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thanks! Sure I’ll, should I do it only in Discord or create a topic in the forum too?

Better on discord since this place is for more serious long-term discussions. Anyway, I’m happy to have you on board!

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okay thanks, it’s my pleasure!

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