How Big Should Space Be?

How big do we want space to be?

It is entirely possible to simulate entire galaxies:

That does come with a couple of drawbacks though.

  • It’s far too much for a player to ever interact with
  • Those simulations entirely ignore anything not being actively rendered, which makes it unusable for the kind of game space stage is.

So if that is way too big, how big should it be? Stallirs sized? How big is big enough?

It’s somewhat annoying that there isn’t a happy medium between solar system and galaxy. They are so, so different in scale.

Im sure this’ll be though about more later, but for life on other planets, it may be best to have other worlds be uninhabitable except for the random empires you meet (each developer regardless of role could do a full playthrough up to the space stage prior to full release for these empires perhaps). That is just my idea though

I’m not really talking about life on other planets, I’m talking about the number of stars themselves, which a player should be able to visit (Even if it is visit in the “I’m orbiting around it” sense.)

Empires should 100% be procedural though.

I’m asking here, how large should the visitable galaxy map be?

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I’m sure it’ll be a few thousand stars at least, but the max size im unsure of

I think the Stellaris developers probably took a lot of time to balance the size of their galaxies, so I think we should start off with a similar size. Realistically sized galaxies has always been out of the question as at that point we’d just have a few bytes of storage that could be used per star. And the player would have no way to interact with any kind of significant fraction of stars.

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