I am a new member for the area of sound design

Hello, How are they?. I am an amateur sound designer, I love to make science fiction and abstract style sounds using mostly virtual synthesizers and occasionally recordings of my environment.

I’m excited to start pitching ideas and experimenting. I would like to request some updated and detailed list of sounds that remain to be made or redone, because I found a list of sounds but it seems outdated.

I hope to be of great help and contribute a lot to this project.



Unfortunately the sound team is not very active currently so you’ll need a bit of effort to ask around for what needs doing / guidance from other teams.

Just to give you some idea, here’s what the previously joined sound engineer got: Albo - New Sound Designer - #2 by Oliveriver

Hi, welcome! Microbe Stage Appendices - Thrive Developer Wiki this is the list I’ve previously been going off of but lately I’ve been focusing on ambiences so I’m not sure how up to date this list is so make sure to check in with people to make sure it hasn’t been done already.

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That list does seem pretty up to date at least from a quick look it doesn’t seem like any done sounds are not marked as such, I think @Kasterisk updated that list recently enough. One sound the victory chime I’d remove as that’d be a pretty temporary sound until we get enough done to put in the end of the game prototype at which point an actual victory song instead of sound effect is needed.

Thank you very much, I will check the list and play the video game a bit to find out what it refers to.