I’m Luke - A Sound Designer


I’m Luke and I’m one of the sound designers for this project. I have a degree in game audio and have been designing sounds for various game projects for over four years. I’m here to help you guys out on this interesting project and build up my portfolio.

I’m a sound designer by trade, but I can also compose music if needed.

You can see my sound design showreel here

You can see my music composition showreel here

And, if you’re interested, I also have experience in production and post production audio for film

I’m looking forward to working with you all.


Hey Luke welcome to Thrive! Your sound and music work both sound awesome. Wow I didn’t even mean that pun.

Make sure to check out the “Sound” category of the forum, there we’ve got all our threads on soundtrack production, ambient tracks, and SFX. All of those have tasks you can work on if you’re interested!

It seems to me you have accidentally made both your sound design and music composition showreel links lead to the same place so I wasnt able to listen to your sound design showreel. That being said I love the sound of the music you showed off! The second roboats one in particular was my favorite!

Hey Luke and glad to have you on board for the project!

Id love to get your input on the sound design in thrive and talk about some SFX as well. I guess we’ll talk more on the forums here but Im curious to think what direction thrive could take with its sound design.


@Buckly - sorry about that! Here’s my sound design one. Glad you liked my music, RoBoats was a fun one to do.

@psychochef - Hey! I’m currently acquiring a Windows machine so I can play the game and give my thoughts as I use a Mac and I’m not a fan of Linux. Stay tuned!