Idea for future adaptive biomes and planetary areas

A few weeks ago I decided to expand upon my idea for disaster concepts since I was tired of focusing on earthlike planets. I wanted to see how things would be on other places that may not rely on the perfect Goldilocks zone. As a result I’m planning to come up with concepts for four biome types as a starting point; Arctic - Desert - Barren planatoid (atmosphere free or thin) - and Jungle. My first concepts will focus more on how biomes would look and how they would mingle together at the edges, micro-biomes included. Since this would be something the player could experience after they make their way to land if they so choose these ideas are still more than a year off from implementation at current development speeds.

Due to how random space can be the size for biomes could range from a mile/kilometer to a decent portion of the planet depending on star type, placement, planet size, etc. The point is these concepts will need a lot of variation and be able to adapt in coloration (alien chloroplasts could make plants white, blue, etc) and as such I will aim to make at least 4 variants of each to start out.

My question to everyone would be what kinds of disasters would be interesting or overpowered? Do you have an idea for how a disaster could range in size? Biome type that’s already come up with? This is just a start to what I’ll be doing and I will be posting what I come up with in this topic thread as things come to fruition.

I think at first we should have worldwide ones, Eg snowball earth.

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I can work with that and then use the worldwide variants to create smaller abstracted variations.