In-game encyclopedia


This is a great idea. I like how you included the species names. We do have a faux Latin name generator already. It just isn’t used for much.

One thing I hope for is something like a Clade diagram.


Yes, I’ve already planned a Tree of Life for the encyclopedia, I‘ll draw it once I‘ve got enough free time on my hands. Could you give me a link to our name generator? I didn‘t know we had one, but that sounds awesome!


I believe Nick already has a tech tree concept but also not sure if it’s been updated with new ideas or how old it is. In my opinion every conceivable technology that could be developed would only increase the potential for unique game experiences, even a period where your species has to develop simple tools as a way to flow into the later aware stage until you form an early society structure that continues to grow.

I’m curious, will the encyclopedia include humorous random descriptions about certain things like (landmasses, rocks, resources, etc) when your creature reaches enough mental development to know these things or they are discovered? Will the player be able to put in their own description and name for species and other discoveries they find along their journey through thrive?


I believe Nick already has a tech tree concept

A tech tree isn‘t what I was thinking about tho. I believe untrustedlife was talking about a tree diagram which shows how species would be related to one another.


This sounds very entertaining. Potential names & descriptions include:

HolyShitMonster - “Giant predatory terror that ate 3 of my 4 children”

TastyGreenThing - “IDK, some type of lettuce?”

CuteFluffyMeatball - “Like a tripedal rabbit”


Would be highly entertaining to be able to name and describe. First we need the faux scientific names back, i put an individual named citrusite on it, they haven’t gotten back to me in awhile so I might just go ahead and write it unless we get a new programmer some time soon.