Introduction for Juuzo_Lenz214

Hello all. I’m a biochemist who wants to help out with the theory team for Thrive. I also have some knowledge related to astronomy and naval combat which can be useful for later stages of the game. I’ll do the best to answer chemistry and biochemistry questions I am asked and I will research things if necessary.

Once again, thanks for allowing me to join the team.


Glad to see you on the dev forums! As I said on the community forums, theorists are usually pinged whenever a question in concepts arise, so you may encounter lulls in activity as a theorist. But if you are willing and able to bring up topics of interest you think we should consider or want to bring up scientific errors you perceive, then by all means go ahead. We have a loose organizational structure, so we appreciate any effort you put in.



Thanks. As I mentioned I have some knowledge in some other areas so when those topics come up I’ll make sure to give my input into it. I have already mentioned on Discord that I am willing to do a non-ingame narration as an example to see how players like the idea.