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Hello everyone! My name is Phil also known as IosonoNeon, and i am excited to introduce myself i’ve recently decided to delve into game development and have been involved in several projects. Notably i’ve worked on this fan project before it got discontinued by Microsoft ( and additionally i am/was an active participant in the closed beta for s&box (gmod’s sequel). I’ve been passionate about biology ever since I was a kid discovering Thrive thanks to the all not so mighty youTube algorithm during my Spore fanatic days which just fueled my interest further.As I am new to this community, i am not yet familiar with the specific tasks and responsibilities so i would greatly appreciate some directions overall. Thank you for your kidness and considerations, i’ll do my best to help you out, have a nice day you beautiful people :]


Hello! :slight_smile: It is always nice to have a new programmers. As far as what to do, while stuff has varying priorities (Release Roadmap - Thrive Developer Wiki), for the most part this is a list of things that need to be done Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub and any help completing them is appreciated. For anything beyond that ask on the discord and someone can point you in the right direction.

I would recommend picking something simple as a way to learn the codebase.


Welcome. Glad to have you onboard.

I sent you the onboarding checklist already, but here are some more links.

If you haven’t managed to get Thrive compiling yet, that should be the first step. Here are the instructions for how to do that:

Feel free to ask fro help if you get stuck on some step.

Then you can pick some issue to start with, here’s the easy issues: Issues · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

I can recommend something more specific if you can’t find anything that catches your eye.

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Hello there and welcome to the team!

After setting up the development evnrionment as @hhyyrylainen mentioned, it’s best to start familiarising yourself with the codebase by picking up some issues labelled „easy” and „good first issue” to get started. We’re always here to help if your have any questions. :slight_smile:

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Hello :wave:
Game is using ECS (entity component system) so for example in many places in the code entity (say, microbe) has component (for example Health) and there are systems managing it. It’s useful thing to keep in mind as it simplifies managing these things from completely different script during runtime.

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