Ithrul - Music Composer

My name is Ivan Smirnoff, I’m music composer, will help with music and sound effects (if needed). Also, I can record foley (if needed), but my main priority is music. To all composers here, I will be glad to collaborate, I can record some stuff, help with arrangements, could add some synths. I play keyboard (my main instrument), electronic drums, jembe, bass. Plus I have some musician friends, who can record strings (cello, violin), guitar, even oud and shakuhachi. I have Native Instruments Komplete 12 Collectors edition and some other stuff, so I can rerecord some of your tracks with better sound. Let’s make some great music!


Hello, Ithrul! Welcome to the team!
Right now we‘re probably mostly in need of music for the early multicellulae stage. You can listen to some tracks by OliverL and LegoHoss to get a feel for the vibe and level of complexity we want to achieve for that stage.
If you have further questions, someone from the music team will surely help you!

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Welcome! It’s great to have someone around with access to so many instruments.

We generally let composers work on themes for whatever they want, even if it’s for a much later stage of the game. At the moment though, Multicellular Stage music is highest priotity, since that’s currently in development and doesn’t have a fully defined musical landscape yet.

Sound effects are also high priority, since those in the game are constantly under review.

Let me know if you have any particular questions or need suggestions for where to get started. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing what you make!